BSTA #32: My Inspirations

I don’t know if you know but in the new Buzznet Story Teller’s Assignment we have great theme!!! It’s about inspirations. And I hope that you will take a part, so read more: here

For me inspiration it something more that popular word. When I was writing on paper this blog I sat in my garden and I breathed hot and hypnotizing air, and I thought about you what inspired me so much.

I sat on old piece of tree( I found on tumblr similar photo to my). He has past life and he saw more than I. I felt history sounds in his structure and it gived me power to be happy.

I was there with my cat, she calls Misia( teddy bear). I love her crazy style and pure beauty. For me she is like a sister or a kid. Misia sleeps in my bed, even she has own pillow!!! Every look at her inspiring me so much to living.

(my cat!!!)

I believe that nature has a huge influence on it who I am and what I think about this world. Everything has a sense, thanks nature you can learn a lot about true living. Sometimes nature is hard for us, but we can’t forget how much we destroy her. We need to respect her and celebrate every day.


People are valid to me. They giving a direction my art. If you read my blog, you know about what I say. It how we treate other people, what we say, what we do, what we wear is like a puzzle to me.

I wrote about it a few times but Buzznet changed my life for better so also to me is an awesome inspiration because everyone here inspiring me so much. I remember that earlier I didn’t care about my fashion style but even you changed it. I grow so much here and I’ll not forget about it. Often I don’t have a chance to comment because I fought with my bad English but I love your blogs. Thank you everyone here. You don’t know how important you are to me. You are in my heart!!!!

Kate Cordova jean jacket <3

Music!!!! I can’t live without music…unfortunately I live and it kills me. I can hear just radio songs, but my mp3 player died a few months, so I don’t listen to my favorites music and I cry.. I feel so horrible because I lost my lovely inspiration :/

I miss so much to these feelings :'(

Crayons!!! It my new world. I know that people think that I’m too old for crayons but I don’t care about it. I love their style and color. It gives me hope and strong.

Artists are big part of my life. No one knows how much they inspiring me to be where I am right now. These persons are so important to me and I’ll have their always in my heart.