Brandy Melville: One Size Fits Most?

As you may know, I am a frequent Youtube user. I constantly turn to the internet when I’m unsure of a certain situation, or more honestly, when I’m super bummed – and I’m not alone.

Since my move to LA, I have been on the prowl for a new favorite store. And fortunately, I finally found a brand that caters to the more comfortable side of being a girl. Brandy Melville has the most perfect blend of what is fashionable and what is comfortable. From extremely light weight yet durable crop tops to comfortable knits, they have it all. But one thing that is a huge bummer is that their clothing is one size fits all – or MOST. I am 5’2 and barely 100lbs, but somehow I still can not manage to fit into some of their clothes. Coincidentally, while browsing Youtube I stumbled upon multiple girls with the same problem.

Some girls have made videos claiming that “Brandy Melville hates larger females.” With that, I do not agree. Just because a brand caters to a certain group of people does not mean they hate all others. But from what I’ve seen, this does raise a lot of moral questions.

* Brandy Melville’s fall collection is now sold in all PacSun stores. Be sure to check it out!

Do you think it’s offensive for a brand to make their clothing “one size fits most,” or do you think they have a right to pick and choose their demographic?

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