Get Behind The Scenes for 1D’s “Best Song Ever” And Prove Your Fandom

If you’re as big a One Direction fan as we are, then I’m sure you’ve seen their video for “Best Song Ever”, off the soundtrack of their upcoming movie One Direction: This Is Us. But if you want more juicy One Direction goodness, take a gander at this hilarious behind the scenes footage of the shoot!

Maybe you thought there wasn’t any more room in your brain for 1D knowledge. Maybe you think you’ve got all the facts. Let’s put that knowledge to the test then. Take the 1D Challenge and prove that you’re the real deal. It’s not enough to know all the words, or their favorite foods or what their mom’s name is. Real fans know stuff that can’t be Googled.

It’s simple – pass the test, get a badge to show off your knowledge. Submit to the 1D Fan Art Challenge, get another badge, to prove that you’re really their number one fan.

Click here. Everybody’s doing it.