Back To School: Hella Cute Lockers

If there is anything that you ever need to know about me, it’s that organizing stuff gives me a, well, just think of that one shirt that Jack Barakat always that has that one “B” word on it. I’m a pretty organized bloke if I do say so myself and anything that is organized and all squared away is my catnip.

Granted, when I was in high school, my locker pretty much looked like this:

But that’s only because I HATED high school with all of my dark, teenage heart. That doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, you should love school because unless you go to prison or join the army, the chances of you getting free food via the government is pretty much slim to none after these days go by.

Chances are, if you’re really into school and stuff, your locker isn’t going to look like a hot ass mess and it will probably look like this:

I wish my locker looked like that. I love animal prints and flowers.

Let’s look at some other cute and organized lockers that make me feel like all hope is not lost with this next generation that will be voting in future years and deciding how my social security check will make it’s way to me.

I LIVE for that little reminder board in the center. It’s EVERYTHING right now to me –

And Post It Notes? Who are these children?

LOVE-ING the little suction cup that keeps the water bottle in place –

The theme of this locker is owl-mazing:

Looking into this locker is like looking into my soul:

I don’t know if this locker is my teenage dream or adult, cavity filled mouth nightmare:

Hopefully this year, you aren’t a part of your locker’s decor:

Because well, I imagine your revenge will be br00tal:

Keep it classy y’all

How do you jazz up your locker?