Ashlee Holmes: Did You Miss Me?

Hey you guys!!! I just wanted to say sorry that I’ve been completely MIA on here. I haven’t written a post in a whileeeeee. Let’s face it… I’ve never really been super consistent on here anyway haha.. BUT.. I’m hoping for that to change. I’ve been in a weird funk, but I feel a lot better as of lately and I’m ready to start posting more often. I have a lot of fun things I plan on posting this month! I have some pretty awesome giveaways in store for you all… as well as some fun videos! So come back and keep checking my blog daily for new posts! I’m going to try to AT LEAST do one post a day! Sorry for all the exclamation points… I guess I’m just excited….? ha! Anyway, For starters, here’s a little gallery of some of my favorite Instagram pictures I’ve taken that you might have missed! ( ps- follow me on Instagram @ashleeholmes if you aren’t already!

Leave me comments and let me know what you’d like to see me post about! xx