America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Team Guys Or Team Girls?

My roomate and I recently upgraded our cable box to one where you get 8456374653 channels and can record TV shows. Ever since I moved out on my own 4 years ago, I never really had the need/ want to purchase cable. I have my computer with Netflix and don’t really have time to watch TV anyways, with work, going to shows and various activities I participate in weekly. Alas, I am in love with the newest upgrade in my life: cable television.

This past Friday, my roomate Faith & I had a girls night in and watched the 2 hour premier episode of America’s Next Top Model on The CW. I’ve watched a few episodes of Top Model, growing up my sister loved the show but I just never really had the time or interest to watch it live every week (I do enjoy the re runs though). But this new season of Top Model counts as the 20th Cycle and the first time EVER, having both girls & guys compete for a chance to be a winner!

The first episode establishes who the top 16 contestants are and introduces you to their fashion style, personality, where they came from etc. I always feel like in the beginning a few story lines already start developing.. such as who plays the bully, the awkward one, the sweet one and the biggest competition. I’m really excited about this season and to follow along weekly with the story. The second episode airs this Friday and features the top 16 doing a runway show for Guess… but the runway starts at the top of building and the model will have to walk down the side of the building with the help of a harness. Take a look at the preview.

Can’t wait to see this episode! I am still devloping who my claimed “favorites” will be but I must say I am rooting for the guys this season. It’s their opportunity to shine through and show that male models are just as talented as females.

Are you watching this season?

Team Guys Or Team Girls?

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