95 Reasons Why The VMAs Are Absolutely NOTHING Without Britney Spears

I have to say it: NO BRITNEY SPEARS, NO PARTY!

Honestly, in those last couple of years MTV VMA’s fell down my list because I’ve noticed (and I’m not the only one) things are corrupt, managers push to put under the spotlight only few artists and nominations aren’t so true and correct.

Since I’m Italian, I spent several nights up for watching VMA’s in the past years only because of Miss Britney Spears.

This year she wasn’t neither nominated with “Scream & Shout”, a song, a smash hit, that is still in the charts after almost a year, reached #1 in over 70 countries, sold over 7 million of copies worldwide (and over 3 million only in USA). Why that song isn’t nominated this year? Who knows.

So, for this reason I thought to create this gallery with 95 reason why the VMAs are NOTHING without Britney Spears.

Check it out and let me know if you are agree and if you have a favorite Brit’s performance through VMA’s years.

Enjoy 😉