’90s Accessory Trends We Loved In Backstreet Boy’s “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” Video

Have you watched Backstreet Boy‘s “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” video lately? Whether it’s been a day or 12 years since you feasted your eyes on BSB’s very first music video, I know you can picture their rainy pajama scene in your brain. It was ’90s boy band perfection!

In revisiting said masterpiece, the video also happens to be a full on demonstration of all the finest in ’90s accessories and awkward boy band hand gestures.

AJ, the bad boy and sassy fashion plate rocked the shell necklace like it was NBD.

Later, when the rain started, he swapped his shells for silver hoop earrings and a sweet silver chain. Bling Bling. Also sungasses at night. Naturally.

Also, please take note of his darling thumb ring.

Howie really strutted his sketchers while strumming a guitar on some steps

But his shining moment came when it was time to dance in his silk PJs.

Pinky ring and cross necklace – check and check!

Brian, the boy next door hunk of the group, opted for simple diamond stud earrings and an oversized polo shirt

Meanwhile Kevin, the member least likely to sing a solo, rocked the Beatles mop top and sunglasses at night look. He showed his trendy side with double hoop earrings on each side!

And last, but certainly not least, baby Nick Carter stared into the camera rocking your favorite ’90s part right down the middle ‘do.

As the only member not to have his PJs open to reveal his six pack, he really worked the camera during his close ups.

He proceeded to make the rain his biotch!

Later they all cursed the heavens and pouted near a set of bleachers. It was awesome.

To watch the music video in full, and in circa 1999 video quality, tune in below!

And to see the dudes today with an awesome sense of humor, check out their appearnce on The Soup!

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