8 Tips To Personalize Your School Uniform

Having to go back to school is already bad enough, but for some people, what makes it worse is having to wear a school uniform. Such a drag! I know schools say they force students to wear uniforms so no one can be “bullied” or “picked on” for the type of clothing they wear. In my opinion, students shouldn’t be forced to wear a uniform because they are stripping students of their individuality. Just let students wear what they want! Some uniforms are more strict than others, but you can always find a loophole somewhere in the dress code! Here are 8 tips to help personalize your school uniform this school year.

1. Layer Clothing

Some schools have the rule that students are only alowed to wear collared shirts. Instead of only wearing a collared shirt, personalize it by wearing layers. Wear one of your favorite t-shirts over your collard shirt to give it your personal touch. Also, during the winter, wear a cozy sweater over you collared shirt to stay warm and fashionable. Also, wearing coat, jackets, and scarves is a great use of layering. Layering is a great way to personalize your uniform!

2. Style Your Hair

A great way to personalize your school uniform is by styling your hair! Most schools doen’t have control over how you style your hair, so go for making it very cute and stylish! A few great hair stlyes are a braid, a bun, curling your hair, a special up do, etc. … Another hair- related way to really personalize your wardrobe is by dying your hair. There are so many different possibilities for hair dye, such as a natural red, purple, blonde, rainbow, black, aqua, and etc… Some schools don’t alow students to dye their hair an unnatural colo, so be carful about that! Also, accessorize your hair by wearing hair clips and head bands that will also help pull back your hair while making it stylish.

3. Carry a Fashionable Backpack

Most students always need a backpack to lug all of their books and supplies around, so why not do it in style! Instead of buying a solid color Jansport backpack, get a patterned backpack that really refelcts your personality. If you search hard enough, you can always find a backpack with a pattern, color, or design that you will love! If you are looking for a backpack that refelcts your personality, look here and you just might find it!

4. Step Up Your Makeup

Doing your makeup is a great way to make a statement. When I say “Step up your makeup”, I’m not talking about using an overpowering amount of makeup. Instead, by using a few fashionable makeup tips, you can really step up your uniform. Makeup that will really help make a stament is eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, mascarea, and etc… Use all of these products accordingly and you will really step up your uniform.

5. Wear Fabulous Shoes

Personally , shoes are so much fun to style with! There are so many different styles of shoes to pick from, to be the “cherry on top” for your school uniform. There are so many different types of shoes to choose from, like boots, sneakers, high heels, and Toms. The shoe choices are endlass! By finding a pair of shoes that you really love, this will help give your school uniform some pizzazz!

6. Work With Different Patterns of Ties and Bow Ties

Many school uniforms require students to wear a tie or bow tie. A great way to work with this is by wearing different patterns of ties and bow ties. Wearing unique ties and bow ties can be very fashionable and are very eye catching. Also, if you are alowed to, trying wearing your ties and bow ties untied around your neck.

7. Wear Lots of Jewlery

Jewlery can be worn almost anywhere, such as around your neck, arms, ankles, ears, hands, and etc. Wear jewlery with different textures and patterns that will work well with your uniform and represent your stlye. A person can never have to much jewlery ;)!

8. Use Patterned or Colored Tights

Many schools require students that wear skirts to wear tights underneath. I personally love accessorising with tights, so do the same with a school unifrom. There are so many patterned and colored tights to chose from to cordinate and brighten your school uniform. Tights are too good not to use in personalizing your school unifrom.

By using these tips this coming school year, you can really make your school uniform somewhat enjoyable to wear! Remember to read your school’s handbook carefully, so that you can find loopholes around the styling of your school’s uniform. Have a good, fashionable, school year!

Do you have any tips for personalizing school uniforms?



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