7 Things We Hope To See In The One Direction Movie

One Direction’s new movie One Direction: This Is Us is bound to be an incredible, emotional scream-inducing roller coaster of a film, chock-full of, well…we don’t know yet. Not much except for this tantalizing trailer has been released, so the sky’s the limit on what could actually be in the film! Will the lads dance, will they sing, will they tell us their deepest thoughts surrounding their colossal fame and share with us their ambitions for world domination through song? Who knows?! That’s the fun of cinema, right? Sheer unpredictability. With that, click through to read our list of 10 things we sincerely hope happen in One Direction: This Is Us, in theaters today!

1. Harry shows us how he makes his hair do all of those things that his hair does, because we are dying to know.

2. Louis shows off his soccer prowess by singlehandedly driving England towards the World Cup in 2014.

3. Niall shows us more amazing tricks like in this Vine of him disappearing into a wall in a bathroom.

4. The lads tell us how they really feel about all the screams, adulation and praise they get from fans.

5. Zayn draws something — really we’d take anything — on camera and shows the world his talent.

6. We’d be super psyched to hear an acappella rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” because it is truly our favorite One Direction song.

7. We want to see the families! Hopefully some of the relative of One Direction make a cameo.