5 Surprising Facts About Lily Collins!

She’s gorgeous. She’s talented. We’re obsessed with her. But beyond the stunning face, Lily has some super unexpected street cred. Hint: She was kinda/sorta in Growing Pains.

Read on for all the juicy, must-know Lily details…

1. Her dad is kinda a big deal.

Lily’s dad is Phil Collins, front man of one of the biggest bands of all time, and as a solo artist has sold over 100 million albums(that’s more than twice Justin Bieber and One Direction combined.) So, no big deal.

2. She’s a journalist who covered Obama’s first inauguration.

Lily majored in journalism at USC and has been published in Teen Vogue and the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

3. She’s been acting since she was 2 years old.

Though her role in Mortal Instruments is by far her biggest to date, Lily is an old pro at acting, getting her first gig on a BBC sitcom — a remake of the American show Growing Pains — when she was just a toddler.

4. She was almost a scream queen.

Just last year, Lily had to drop off a movie for scheduling reasons. That movie, in which she was cast as the lead, was The Evil Dead, an insanely bloody and violent horror film.

5. She’s Secretly the Hottest Girl Under 25

Forget Emma Roberts. Forget Emma Watson. Forget everyone named Emma, in fact. Lily is our pick to be the next IT girl.

What do YOU think of Lilly?