5 Reasons To Love The Dangerous Summer’s ‘Golden Record’

Tomorrow The Dangerous Summer will release their third studio album, Golden Record — and it’s going to blow you away. The 10-track LP couldn’t’ possibly have a better title. Golden Record is their best body of work to date and has become my trusted companion on late night drives. With hypnotizing melodies and painfully honest lyrics, The Dangerous Summer have absolutely blow me away with how incredibly talented they are. I am talking raw, real, and authentic talent. #musicrules.

Here are five reasons to love The Dangerous Summer’s Golden Record.

1. AJ Perdomo is truly talented and together TDS is unstoppable.

I have always admired AJ’s talent for writing lyrics and how he has carved out his own signature style of vocals. There are moments on Golden Record where he manages to “scream” beautifully and projects real emotion into my headphones. On songs like,” I’m So Pathetic” and the opening track, “Catholic Girls,” Perdomo reminds me of John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday. Screaming not just for the sake of screaming; but because you have something to reveal that’s painful. And to throw in another comparison, lyrically Perdomo reminds of me Brand New’s Jesse Lacey. With smart and symbolic lyrics about the struggles of finding yourself and finding conviction (and comfort) with who what is; this album is laced with poetic and poignant lines.

If this is living it/ I’d rather go there/then spend my time within/those shadows all around.

With all four forces working together, they have made an album I will still celebrate 10 years from now.

2. “Knives” – This is the fourth track on the album and perfectly illustrates my first reason for loving this album. The song is powerful.

I remember after my first listen of “Knives” I needed to catch my breath. “Knives” is a song that makes me take a step back and reflect on my own life. There was honestly a point in listening to the album for a few days that I had to stop because it made me think about my own life too much. “Knives” is a powerful/haunting song that stands out on the album and carries a lot of weight.

3. “Miles Apart” – To play off of a song that made me feel a little too much, the song “Miles Apart” is a beautiful love ballad. “Miles Apart” is a sweet refreshing reminder of the happiness in love. That with all the pain and frustration, there can still be beautiful moments in relationships. The rhythm of the chorus is playful and I hit repeat several times upon my first listen of the album. This song made me believe there is still hope to fall in love.

And I’m believing in a miracle.

4. Diversity/Evolution – It’s been incredible to see (and hear) growth in The Dangerous Summer. Songs like “Into The Comfort” and “Drowning” showcase how TDS can change things up and how when they work together striking things can happen.

5. It’s real. There’s nothing fake here. This is an album with heart and 10 songs that feel like a release. I can only imagine how amazing these songs are going to sound live when they are coming straight from the source. Our acoustic session with the band is just a taste of what you can expect live.

[kaltura id=0_kp2gx1ux autoplay=0 type=playlist]

Basically, if you want a really well crafted album that is beautifully written musically and via its lyrics, you need to give Golden Record a listen.

Golden Record is avalible in the US on August 6th and you can catch them live on tour now.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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