11 Amazingly Athletic Dogs That Make Me Want To Stop Being Lazy

Dogs, even in their laziest, fattest forms, are amazing. They’re so lovable they turn us into blubbering baby talkers and professional doo doo picker-uppers. I just rescued a pup and I must abmit Deputy Seymour Butts is the prince of the household. It’s his world now and we’re just living in it. (Happily, I might add.)

Most canines are glorious for their cuteness, stupidity, or unconditional love.

Like this one who has fallen and can’t get up:

Or this dude who mistook a bowl for a bed:

Or this fool who just LOVES getting vacuumed:

These doggies bring on all the awwws, but there are plenty of pups out there that deserve extra treats and applause for having some serious athletic skillz. Coming from someone who has a gym bag collecting dust in the corner, these incredible doggies have made me question my own personal laziness.

Some dogs shine as acrobats.

Or Parkour enthusiasts

As jump ropers

Extreme fetch artists

As long jumpers

Or in team activities

Some dogs excel at skateboarding

The list goes on and on! I suppose I should thank these talented four-legged monsters for motivating me to get moving. Either that or I’ll invest in some agility traning for my own pooch.

And in case you’re looking to jusitfy your couch tater vibes alongside your house kitty, feast your eyes on this:

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