10 Reasons Why Jason Schwartzman Is The Coolest Human Ever

You know what’s been missing from our TV and movie screens this year? Jason Schwartzman. He’s the coolest. I mean, sure we saw him on a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation, but so far 2013 has been a quiet year for our favorite Wes Anderson film star. Come December Schwartzman will be back in the game in Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks. Until then, let’s remind ourselves why Jason is awesome without calling him an indie darling, hottie hipster, or geek chic hearthrob because those titles journalists love to bestow upon this fellow are just weird.

1. He’s part of an amazingly talented family. The Coppola’s to be exact.

2. Rushmore was his very first movie and his very first time acting. He pretty much killed it. He was only 17.

He discusses the experience here:

3. He’s quite the musician. Jason played drums in Phantom Planet. Without their catchy tune California, The O.C. would be nothing, I tell you!

4. He’s a cool vegetarian. He’s pretty low key and not necessarily preachy about it, but he did narrate an informative documentary about the environmental impacts of the food we eat.

5. His character in Bored To Death single handedly made chardonnay cool and acceptable to drink as a dashing young man about town.

6. Let’s talk about his musical project Coconut Records. He plays all the instruments, has famous friends like Zooey Deschanel, his brother Robert, and Kirsten Dunst guest vocal, and he made a music video for the tune Microphone about his dog’s dreams. Also West Coast is one of the finest long distance love tunes your ears will ever hear.

7. While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about his amazing dog/BFF named ARROW.

8. Back to movie star life. He always looks dapper when he hits the red carpet.

9. His cameo in Walk Hard as Ringo Starr was hilarious.

10. And lastly, Jason brought the hilarious character COOL ETHAN to life in Slackers. I used to watch Slackers on repeat and do all kinds of laughing out loud thanks to Cool Ethan’s various one liners. He also more or less coined the phrase I LUH YOU. See for yourselves.

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