Win An iPhone Case From Wildflower!

I used to make so much fun of my little sister Noah for her obsession with phone cases, but now I can’t talk because I am LOVING all of these adorable handmade cases from WILDFLOWER! I am getting so many compliments on mine and it’s definitely up’d my phone style situation.

Let’s be real – STUDS ARE IN. These cases are studded in either gold or silver depending on your preference, on top of your choice of many adorable designs to choose from! and BONUS…. they’re also extremely protective of your phone with the ‘bumper’ type case around it. The other good news is they only make a certain number of each design, so chances are your phone will be unique and different than all of your friends!

Check out all of the styles for both the iPhone 4 and 5 on their site HERE!

For a special chance to WIN one of these cases, all you have to do is


2. FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM and comment on this photo of MY Wildflower case and tell me how much you love it and need your own! Good luck!!!