Video Vault: Acoustic Performances, William Beckett Is A Buzzmaker And More

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you missed one of our fashion, music or pop culture exclusives, now’s your chance to catch up! Take a look at everything we pulled from this week’s video vault and feel free to share it with your friends! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Have you heard? William Beckett is officially a Buzzmaker (AH!!) and we have a Get to Know video where he squashes some funny rumors, and spills all about himself.

It was an exciting week for music, with two acoustic performances by The Dangerous Summer. The band sounds absolutely amazing and the songs are incredible.

And let’s not forget about Warped Tour! We put the boys of Go Radio to the test, seeing how well they know each other. Plus, have you ever wondered how your favorite groups get pumped up to pump you up in concert? We’ve got a surprisingly intimate look at ton of your favorite bands’ pre-stage warmups which are funny and sweet. If that’s not enough access, Dani Vitale takes us behind the scenes at Warped! She’s showing us all the cool things going on at Buzznet’s booth on Warped Tour and introducing you to our girl, Brittany who is representing us on the road all summer! She’s way cool.

So sit back relax and enjoy all of the original vidoes from this week’s Buzznet Video Vault!

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