Update From The Warped Road: The Year It Rained Every Day (So It Seems)

Hey guys,

This week I have been in the dirty south with Warped Tour. It’s been a CRAZY week with some strange weather happening. It’s rained everyday but Atlanta. A few days ago we were in Tampa Florida and Warped got turned into a mini warped park. We had a bad storm that damaged a lot of tents and it left me and my team hiding in a semi truck. Warped was flooded and we ended closing down WAY early. The water was up to our knees and people were making rafts. Yestday, in Orlando Warped got closed down early again for another bad storm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much rain on tour in my entire life.

My friends clothing company, Fellow Threads is back out with us and I’m so happy to be surronded by such great hard working friends. They’ve hooked me and a bunch of my tour/ band friends up with some sweet clothing. Wallpaper (we have dance parties to their set everyday) and Five Knives have been spotted rocking some of their swag on stage.

Yesterday, in Orlando they brought us dogs to play with. I’ve always wanted a dog, but with my lifestyle it’s almost impossible to get one. It was lovely being able to play with some rescue cuties that a local shelter brough out.

We have surprise acoustic performances and we had the Summer Set come in. We ended up having to semi cancel the show due to the thunderstorm but they played one song SUPER quick for everyone to enjoy. They truly love their fans. Such nice and humble people.

This is our last week out on Warped Tour. It’s going to be a sob fest soon. Warped Prom is coming up and I’am in my hometown tomorrow! Here are some more fun pictures of my journey out here with Kia. Don’t forget, you can see all my behind the scences Warped videos at Kiawarped.com You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what my day on Warped looks like, @Gabbiebrown for both.

xx Gabbie

Did you go to any Warped dates!?

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