U Guise: France Fries

It’s National French Fry Day!!!! Sorry for that but I get really excited about food, especially if they are fried. You might be wondering how I know this is true. Well, my friend, let me show how I know:

I Googled it!

So there. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how much I LOVE FRENCH FRIES. My love of things fried is legend; however, this is a little more legendary than anything I could every muster:

Worlds colliding u guise. Worlds collide.

This isn’t going to be a history lesson on the mighty french fry. I know, I know. Just settle down. Let’s just gaze upon all things crinkle-y and curly. Let us bask in the majesty of all things waffle cut. No words. No words.

F that bowl. Those should just be straight falling into my food hole.

Anything fried is pretty much the business. Extra crispy plz.

Holy Mary, Mother of Curly Fries

Do potato babies count as france fries?

mmm steak cut mmm

Waffle cut fries!

Anyway, all of this is making me hungry so I am going to GTFO and get me some greezy ass fries from the food truck down the street.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s presentation of Frylock Day. I mean frech fry day. Are you all hungry yet? Which type of french fry is your favorite? Don’t forget to share pics! Happy French fry Day!