TV Must See: Watch “Please Like Me” and I’ll Like You on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

TV Must See: Watch “Please Like Me” and I’ll Like You on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

“Please Like Me” is my new Lol TV obsession and I can’t wait for everyone to see it! It will air on Pivot on August 1st, but a sneak peek of the first episode, Rhubarb And Custard, just posted online HERE.

It’s based on actual painfully awkward events of creator and star Josh Thomas. He is adorable, has a dog named John that he dresses in tutus and is on his way to being the male Lena Dunham.

Video Clip of series:


You and all your friends are going to fall in love with Please Like Me and given the name, thought it would be fun to give everyone that watches and shares the show the opportunity for Me To Like You on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Here’s how…

1. Watch the Premiere Episode of “Please Like Me” on

2. On your personal Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram upload the “Please Like Me” image below as your profile picture

3. And then post in your status:

Twitter Update: Just watched #PleaseLikeMe on @pivot_tv. Thx @Audreykitching 4 sharing! Watch the episode NOW

Facebook Status: Just watched the new @Pivot television show #PleaseLikeMe. Love! Thx @The Official Audrey Kitching for sharing! The 1st episode is online NOW. Def watching the whole series Aug. 1. //

Instagram Post: Post one of the Please Like Me photos below

Along with the comment: Just watched the new @pivottv show #PleaseLikeMe. So cute! Thx @akitching 4 sharing!

4. Then, come back to this blog and paste the links to all your posts together as a comment, along with the reason why I should Like You.

5. I will check out all your posts and comments and next Wednesday,

July 24 I will choose 3 people who I will follow on FB, Twitter and Instagram for a week and will give a shout out to!