The Royal Ruckus

Every time I post something about the British Royal Family, someone asks why Americans care about the British royals. I think I can explain why…

1. Fairy tales.

Growing up, most little girls were read stories about princesses being rescued by princes, wearing tiaras and jewels… and our Dads told us that we are princesses. The idea that a small handful of people actually ARE princes and princesses is quite literally bringing a fairy tale to life. Kate Middleton went to college with Prince William. They met and fell in love and now she’s a Duchess and is about to have a baby prince or princess! Any person could have met the prince and had a spark with him. That is reason #1 why Americans, along with most of the rest of the world… are so entranced by the royal family. We all want to be princesses.

2. Accessibility

Just like Princess Diana, this generation of Royals is very accessible. They’re portrayed as very normal people who grocery shop, buy clothes at H&M and go out for a drink here and there. (Or in Prince Harry’s case, perhaps a little more often!) They’re just like us… except they’re royals. It’s like actors and actresses… the brits like American actors, we like british actors and vice versa. I believe we are interested in people like that because they have a life that we admire and want. They support positive causes, hobnob with celebrities and political figures, live in castles (sometimes) and we see these details of their lives all the time in the media. Our curiosity is constantly being reinforced by their accessibility around the world and the view that they seem like wonderful people AND have the coolest life ever. This is not a new thing. My mom (and everyone else in the world) was obsessed with Princess Diana. I even have a collectible Princess Diana doll that would have probably been worth a good chunk of cash on eBay if my old dog hadn’t chewed her plastic hands off. Boo!)

3. The grass is always greener.

Here in America, we don’t have a royal family. (Duh.) People in America love Honey Boo Boo and the Jersey Shore. We’re not classy enough for a royal family… but we WANT to be. So we try to get as close as we can by paying attention to every big royal event.

On the other hand, the rest of the world seems to be fascinated by The American Dream… In comparison to the rest of the world, I find America to be semi-boring and sometimes disappointing when you consider our crime and health statistics in relation to the rest of the world. So, why are other countries interested in the American Dream? Because it’s something outside of their own little world.

So there you have it… Now let’s have a cuppa and raise the union jack! Cheers to the little prince or princess on the way. Hopefully Mama and baby are happy and healthy!

What are your thoughts on The Royal Family?

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