Thanks So Much For All The Emotions – Tokio Hotel 6th Anniversary Video


Today it’s such a special day for me.Six years ago I fell in love with an amazing band and since that moment I’ve never stopped to follow them.I’ve never proved the same feelings for another band like happened for Tokio Hotel.They completely changed my life. I was 16 years old and half when they came into my life and I was going through a particular phase and they helped me a lot and turned me in the person I’ve always wanted to be, and for that I will always thank them.They also saved me few times, literally. I know, it can sounds weird and something everyone says, but personally I don’t care what the others say, everyone has own life, and talking about myself, I can say they saved me. Without them, I would not be here right now, seriously. They gave my strength and hope.

Bill, you are my soulmate. My angel. My reason of life. My oxygen. The blood running through my veins. My all. Tom, you are the brother I’ve never had. Thanks for make me laugh all the time. Georg, you are like a daddy for me. I’ve always envied the others for have you as a friend. Gustav, your energy on stage makes me feel charge and your determination is so inspiring.

Thanks so much for all the emotions in all these years, guys.I’m proud of you.

I really hope you like my little video. I chose Automatic in acoustic version because I really love it in this way, especially the German version, but since it wasn’t clear, I prefered to use the English one recording during a Rolling Stone session in USA in 2009.I put different clips from Monsoon (when I knew them) till now: the most part of the moments I’ve shared with the band (funny moments, performances…) and also few clips from two of the three concerts I attended, filmed by my dad: Modena’s one on July 11, 2008 during 1000 Hotels Tour and Padova’s one on March 26, 2010 during Humanoid Tour.

For entertainment only (c)