So I promised you a trip through the beautiful town of Cold Spring Harbor on the North Shore of Long Island. The town is right on the water so it has a long history of boating and a past history of Whaling. Whaling is no longer allowed in most countries anymore including ours. If any whales come into the Long Island Sound they are welcome guests ……

Besides the new photos I just took last Wednesday I’m including some older ones and ones I may have posted before …….

The modern day Fire Department ……

And the old Fire Department it is now a museum ………

The old church is very charming with it’s little steeple …….

Some of the little shops are beautiful, I just love this little Childrens clothing shop they always dress them different according to the seasons …..

And I finally went into the shop “My Favorite Place” so many beautiful things in there you could spend hours just looking around, just be careful there are lot’s of delicate things in there : )

I’m sure there is lot’s of good food in there ……..

And after eating you can go and have your hair styled 😀

And take your Doggie to the Harbor Hound for some goodies 😀

Or if your rich you might want to buy a house in this town, that’s the real estate office ……..

I’m not sure what they sell in there but it looks pretty nice : )

Now this looks like an interesting place !!!!

She just might sway me to going into that store : D

Maybe you would like to stop at the waters edge ……

There’s a lot of interesting history, here are a couple of signs with a little information ……

OH and President George Washington did come to Long Island often he even rode his horses though my town in the late 1700’s

So I hope your enjoyed your trip and maybe just sitting on a bench is more for you …..

Well my time is done here I’m just going to FLY away 😀