Supernatural Birthday Party: Rachel Miner As Meg Masters

Happy Monday, Buzznet! Not really. No one actually likes Monday but since today is Rachel Miner‘s born day, I’ve decided to write about Meg Masters from one of the best shows ever, Supernatural. This is also the perfect time to let you all know that we are going to start sharing the SPN love with all of you here because reasons. A few of us love this show and we are going to start doing themed blogs and such about our favorite characters and episodes. Let’s get this party started!

Meet Meg Masters (Rachel Miner) –

And this is out of order because this was the first Meg (Nicki Aycox):

Oh and let us not forget this version of Meg –

IDK if this is the correct GIF but the demon posseses Sam Winchester at one point and it’s pretty cool.

The first thing you should know about Meg is that she’s a demon. She’s called “Meg” because that was the name of the first meatsuit that the demon possesed. That’s just how life goes in Supernatural land. Also, people die a lot in Supernatural because WHY NOT? It makes things more fun I guess. Actually, Meg was exorcised from her previous meatsuits until Season GR8 and then stuff happened but all you need to know about that can be summed up by this emoticon: 🙁

Anyway, this is first Meg. What you need to know about her is that she is pretty bad ass and she just throws people around and doesn’t take anyone’s crap.


The Winchester brothers ended up getting her inside a Devil’s Trap when she came looking for the Colt this one time and then they exorcised the fun out of her and it made me sad.

Always look up before entering a room

This post about Meg can get lenghty really quickly but I shant get into EVERYTHING right now. Here are a few of my favorite Meg moments that happened:

Anything Megstiel –

This line:

When Meg calls Cas her unicorn:


Anytime this happens:

When she brought the hounds:

And pretty much that’s it for now.

So, Happy Birthday Rachel Miner! Sorry about what Crowley did to you but it’s Supernatural so who knows, anything can happen.

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