My Summer Buzzin’ Month

Yeah!!! I’m so happy because we have summer on Buzznet. I believe that these holidays will be perfect for us!!!

And I wanted to give you something from my heart. I drew for everyone here “Summer on Buzznet”. I hope that you will like it. I know that Buzznet has black background but I made lavender because it reminds me about summer atmosphere. Unfortunately lavender crayon is almost used but it was worth for this drawing. You don’t know how much I love YOU!!!

During last days I thought about make summer group where we can share an awesome memories, photos and everything what we love in summer. But I was so happy because I saw that El Rich wrote wonderful blog, called “It’s Summer Buzzin’ Month”, if you didn’t read, check out HERE

And I stole questions from El Rich blog and right now is the best time to reply!!!

  • Are you going on vacation (or tell us about your dream getaway)?

Unfortunately, I can’t go on vacation. I don’t remember when I was the last time. But my dream is visit Kosovo, Georgia and USA.




  • What are you going to read this summer?

For sure I’ll read lovely blogs on Buzznet. But when I think about books. I have a few from libraries:

  1. “Night School” by C.J. Daugherty
  2. “Heist Society” by Ally Carter
  3. “Shadow Horse” by Alison Hart
  4. “Fidelada” by Krzysztof Mroziewicz. This book is about Cuba
  5. “Leadership” by Rudolph W. Giuliani
  • What’s the cool jams?

And now I’m in trouble. I see this word, I think about “jam” the first time in my life. And I searched and I found that it means relax/trouble. I hope that Rich though about relax.

So, this summer are hard to me. You know sometimes we have to do what we don’t like. I’m on free practice and this weird and terrible to me. And I fight about myself, about my life. The only way to relax will be Buzznet, create art and play with my cats.

  • Which trends give you a sparkle in your eye all while keeping you cool (and looking cool, too)?

I’m young fashionista thanks Buzznet. Unfortunately I can’t wear these sparkles clothes but when I see these on the streets I’m dying lol

Galaxy Leggins

these crazy leggins

and great t-shirt

And cosmetics..( cut text)

This is me without any make-up:

I like watching cool eye shadows and….

  • Are you going to be watching any movies?

I can’t allow myself on it, just TV….

  • Going to see any bands?

Unfortunately, not. But I dream about see:


Kellee Maize

Brodka and a lot artists…

And for these summer I have some plans. All the time I dream about my art. I hope that someone will see me there. I want to lose the sadness and pain by art. I need to create more and send to the people. No one knows how much I want to change my life.

I thought about my blog on Buzznet. I’ll put more my own art. I think about a few interviews and new summer buzzin’ series.