Summer Buzzin: Happy 58th Birthday Disneyland

Today marks Disneyland’s 58th Birthday!! In celebration of this beautiful day, I thought I’d share with you my adventure to the amazing park from this past weekend, Sara Scoggins and I headed to the happiest place on earth, to embrace the summer sunshine and take adventage of our premium passes to the park. We got inside the park at around 3PM and were excited to run around, take in whatever Disney has to offer us— including but not limited to, food, rides, adventure, magic, meeting characters, treats etc.

We started our day with a snack, then headed over to do some racing in Radiator Springs. The normal line for that ride can be up to two hours.. so if it’s only you and a few friends, you should DEFINITELY do single rider line.. it’s usually only 20-40 mins! Sometimes you get to be in the same car as your pal and that hapenned to Scoggs & I. Yay— PS– our car WON the race!

Then we headed over to get spooked at Tower Of Terror! It had been awhile since we both had been on that ride and man.. that free fall feeling is freaky.

We remembered that Disneyland had recently updated Fantasyland with this new area called Fantasy Fair, where they have a new theatre with shows & a place to meet some real life princesses. We got to watch the story of Beauty & The Beast & chat/ take photos with the princesses! Snow White asked Sara if her Fairy God Mother is the one who made Sara’s hair turquoise — How did she know?

Next up, we ate a snack shaped like Mickey Mouse & I cried a little when I saw Thunder Mountain was closed 🙁 Oh well.. I guess that’s why I pay for a pass, I don’t have to feel stressed to get everything done in one day.

Next up, we saw another new show in the theatre by It’s A Small World and watched the MOST AMAZING DISNEY LIVE PERFORMANCE I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…. It was so amazing that I didn’t even look at my phone or think to document it, because I was so invested in what was happening directly in front of me. It’s called Mickey And The Magical Map…. and it was indeed SO MAGICAL.. I can’t confirm or deny that Sara & I may or may not have cried. Anyways I highly reccommend seeing this, on your next trip to Disneyland.

Photo From Disneylands website HERE.

After this, we got dinner at Ariels Grotto– which is right on the Paradies Pier bay. Delicious spinach articoke dip. After dinner, Sara had to convince me to go on California Screaming, for some reason I wasn’t in the mood.. but I’m happy she made me do it! Then after that we went on Toy Story Mania.

We headed back over to Disneyland and ran into a few old friends on the way! Pluto & Minnie Mouse 🙂 We ended our night going on Space Mountain, The Matterhorn and Indiana Jones!

After we left, we did a quick stop at The World Of Disney store in Downtown Disney, I was on the hunt for some cool Monsters University merch and came across this really rad hat of Sully… it’s so cute, but I don’t feel like I would realistically want to to wear it around the park, it was pretty warm & fuzzy + a little oversized for my liking!

And that concludes my Disneyland adventure with Sara! We had an incredible time and we are so lucky to be able to go to Disneyland every day if we wanted to.

What are you guys up to this summer?

Are you planning on going to Disneyland or Disney World?