Summer Buzzin’: Haircuts For Men That I Want

Remember when you were little and your (insert preferred guardian here) was baking cookies? Do you remember standing really close to the oven door as it lowered down like a medieval drawbridge to let your nostrils invade the place where delicious smells were born? Do you remember that infernal blast of heat that seared your tiny face as you leaned in closer to smell the burning cookie babies inside?

Cookie Babies!

Well that’s what summer is like in Los Angeles. It’s as if hot breeze blew in front of a fiery wind and it sucks. In other words, it gets pretty hot here.

When I am not busy being sick, I am riding my bike all over, walking around, running, and doing other things to keep my fat from getting fat. Like Louis C.K once said, I have to go to the gym to maintain this. And we all know that Louis is well, Louis:

Not a haircut that I want. It’s like looking into my future.

Since I am fairly active and live in a blast furnace for much of the year, I like to keep my hair short. It’s usually shaved all the way around but sometimes, when I am feeling fancy, I let my hair grow and I give people money to cut it. That in itself is weird because I have hair clippers at home and paying money to have that done strikes at the very core of my being. I also don’t like when barbers hold my ears down or talk to me but that’s a different blog for another time.

I have a very oddly shaped skull that is also rather big so a lot of things don’t suit me. My hair is also really thick, Mexican, straight (but lol i am not haaay) and it kind of just louses about on my head so there isn’t much I can do with it. But anymews, let’s talk about haircuts for man beasts that are short and summer-y and help keep you cool and aren’t totally gross!

IDK which of these is cuter. Lawd Jesus. I like how the sides of this mancut are short but the top is still managableable.

This man-do is cool because it’s tapered (I think) but not too much. I’m pretty sure you’d have to be in the salon to maintain them locks. That’s the other thing about haircuts that I don’t like: You have to keep getting them grrrr

This is P E R F. Mostly I like this because it’s hella short but there is also some growth up on the top and it’s a fade. Yay!

I could get lost in all that denim and those EYES! I like the slick back hair up top and the short sides. Bravo Mr. Handsome face!

I like this because it looks very “no muss/no fuss.” I hate grooming myself. There is a reason why I look the way I do. ha

Pretty sure I’ve done this. I like the dippity do look. I can’t remember which way I part my hair. Oh and yay I finally found a POC on this blog where I am lifting pics from yay!

Anyway, you kind of get the idea. I like very short hair but sometimes I like some length up top. I also like very short sides and I usually go with a fade because that shit is class AF. The thing is, I usually get mad at my hair (I know, I’ve talked to my phyciatrist about this) and I end up chopping it off.

If any guys are reading this, how do you keep your hair during the summer? Ladies, HOW DO YOU DO IT? Let me know in the comments below!