Stay True With Yourself!!!

I divide words into two parts. I care about everything what evolves and it what is white or black. The limits are only in the mind. Every obstacle we can overcome, but we need to try. We repeatedly return to a turning point, but hard lessons teach us how live and what is really important. We can’t give up, because the pursuit of the dreams cost too many tears, blood and sweat. If we want to feel fulfilled and happy we must show that we are ready for everything what will bring fate.

Hard work is determination of success. We can’t realize ideas from day to day. Look at sportsman’s, musicians or dancers. They spent millions of hours on the exercises which changed their lives. But they paid a high price for it. They had a difficult life choice, when they were just kids. The loss of childhood, murderous exercises, life without parties and dating, serious diets. It makes then stronger and right now they are role models for us.

It drives me to crazy when someone says that something is easy and this person can do it too. So why not do it? Many of them have dreams about fame, but they don’t see the contusions, sacrifices and social pressures.

Competition always characterized us. From centuries, the people need to show their the best side, what makes dangerous moments in the history of the world. Sometimes the pressure kills us, we need to know when we should slow down the pace of life. We have only one life and we should not prefer the option “DIE YOUNG”.

Faith in the people and hope will be show you new targets in cloudy days. As I wrote earlier we can’t give up and we can’t choose a shortcuts. FAIR PLAY it something more than two words. I believe that it’s a trend and lifestyle of being for a true and wise persons. Sometimes is better when we feel the defeat than we will cheat. Lies will discovered and these will ruin your life. Karma will back at a worse time.

“STAY TRUE WITH YOURSELF” should be your motto. That’s how you feel physically and mentally has a huge an influence on realization your ideas. To keep inner peace and harmony of spirit you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. The key is live without stress, alcohol and drugs. It’s very important what you eat, don’t forget about healthy eating pyramid and relaxing break. A good method is meditation, yoga and other sports.

We shouldn’t forgot about the young talents, especially about children. Many of them can’t realize dreams because they don’t have a chance. Often financial situation and family keep them in a closed box. I think that the state organizations and the governments need to support more kids than spending money on higher salaries or expensive cars.

Too often talent shows selling images of children what is hurtful. I believe that many kids aren’t ready to live in a closed environment and paparazzi attacks. So, it’s easy destroy the image of the world in the eyes of a child. The castings should have an age limit for children.

It scares me that media ignore talented writers. They aren’t worse but it’s difficult to “sell them”, it costs too much money and the time.

At the end, I want to please you about something. Don’t give up and believe in yourself. No one can stop you. Stay true with yourself !!!