What Do Ronnie Radke And Avril Lavigne Have In Common?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially shot my first music video! The experience over all was extremely eye opening! I’ve always loved seeing my favorite artists laugh, cry, and breathe life into their songs! Aside from how sore I am, It really got me thinking about how much work actually goes into the making of the videos I love the most.

So here you have it: These are my favorite music videos that have come out in the past few years!

1. Falling In Reverse – I’m Not A Vampire

2. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

3. Paramore – Misery Business

4. Sleeping With Sirens – Do It Now, Remember It Later

5. Hellogoodbye – Here In Your Arms

6. For All Those Sleeping – Mark My Words

What are your favorite music videos? Would you rather watch the artist act and play around or a live performance?

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