Well here I am with another bunch of On the Road photos. I see so many things while I’m driving or stopped at stores. I just thought you might get a laugh or two unless you find nothing is funny this time 😀

Hmm, I wonder what kind of revolution they mean ?

The Kings Park Fire Department turns 100 years old in August …….. I’m sure mine is older : )

I guess her name is Barbara 😀

My town has lot’s of horses your property has to be at least 1/2 acre to own one horse or maybe two 😀

I have NO idea what this one means ?

The sky was so intense that day …….

For my three boys 😀

New York State just redesigned one of our main highways. They put in Purple Coneflowers and other plants in the middle of the road : )

A new cafe opened up, there was a Portuguese restaurant there but they relocated down the street ….. That’s all moving traffic our main road in town is very busy : (

I love the pet supply store in my town. They have a beautiful cat room with cats for adoption, they even have their own wide screen TV with animal shows playing. When I go there I love to pet the bunnies they have and on Friday one of the bunnies started humping his toy !!! It was an alien with one big EYE ….. LOL

We used to have a horrible Puppy store where the Army Career Center is now. That puppy place had a big fire and some animals were killed and thankfully the place never opened again : )

I pass this fish market in Northport coming home from the dentist …… It has that old welcome feel to it 😀

And I would love to know the meaning to this license plate. So I hope you enjoyed another On the Road Photo Dump. I will always be finding more things for you to see 😀