PREMIERE! RadioDriveBy’s ‘Go All Night’ Lyric Video

Are you ready for something new from RadioDriveBy? Today we’re happy to host the premiere of the brand new lyric video for the track “Go All Night.” You might remember hearing the song on Jack & Alex of All Time Low’s new radio show, “Full Frontal” – but we have the visual to go along with the catchy pop/rock song.

Here’s what the band told us exclusively about the song!

“Go All Night” was a song we’ve been working on for many months now with a friend of ours, Drew Alexander (of Square Eyes). It was a great experience to write and record this song, and we’re excited that people finally are enjoying it. The song is a lot more on the pop side for us, but it felt right to make it that way, and we hope it can be something new for our fans.

Take a look at the new lyric video for “Go All Night” here!

What do you think of Go All Night?