Playlist: All You Need is Love

Truly feeling the power of love in one’s life, to me, is the true definition of happiness. The law of love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe that can help bring a few people or a thousand people together in a peaceful way. When people have love in their hearts, they tend to feel the overwelmng satisfaction of contentment, peace, satisfaction, and happiness. Love can be found through a relationship, friendship,or family. Really, anyone that has shown a great amount of love towards you. All you really need is love!

Here is a playlist of songs that have a love theme and hopefully will remind you to have a loving attitude and remind you of how much you are tuly loved! This playlist includes artists like Kerli, The Beatles, Ke$ha, Foo Fighters, and the Spice Girls! I hope this playlist puts you in a loving attitude!



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