Photo Challenge: Buzznet’s First Black & White Ball

Well, not really. What I mean by “Black & White Ball” isn’t what you think, I just thought it sounded snazzy. Before you go out and get yourself a fancy tuxedo and take hella selfies, let me explain what I am talking about. So,

And listen up yay!

This here photo challenge is all about black and white photography. It’s mostly pretty simple to understand and stuff. I feel really sassy right now because I did this weird class at the gym and now I have all this energy and basically this is me right meow:

Ja bless David Attenborough

Here are some things in Black y Blanca for you to gaze upon:

A lovely city scene captured by @Melomano75

The lovely @PorcelainSpider transports us to a magical, bridge filled land of awesomeness

@Enelya creates her own beauty

I’m shameless plugging one of my fave photos I took at Brochella

This was tagged as Black & White by @RhiannaResolution but I see colors and this photo is my life

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a black and white image of anything you wish. In all actualitynesses, you could take a photo of yourself in a black and white gown/tuxedo thing, turn into a black and white image, and proclaim to me “In your face, Rich!” because that’s how we do here.

This challenge will end on 11 Aug 2013. I will post the round up shortly thereafter. Let me know when you create your work d’arte so I can feature it and include it in mai round up. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them to this ever so helpful kangaroo:

Go forth and do stuff! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!