Paramore Promote New System To Protect YOU

For Paramore‘s new Self-Titled Tour, the band has implemented a new system to help protect their fans from being taken advantage of. The new ticketing system basically makes it impossible for ticket mongers to buy tons of ticket and jacking up the price.

I mean we just want to dance and sing “Ain’t It Fun” with Hayley Williams at a fair price. Am I right Ellie?

Here’s what the band posted.

Since day one, we have always made sure to put our fans first. Yeah, it probably sounds super cliche but honestly, we couldn’t do this without you and we know that. You are just as much a part of Paramore as we are. With past tours, we realized that not all of you are getting the access to the tickets we wanted you to have. We knew we had to address this issue for future tours. So, in doing that, we want to put this ticketing policy in place which will help explain how you can get your tickets to our shows. First and foremost, it is of utmost importance to us that every ticket we sell is affordable to our fans. Seriously, we fight people about this! It’s a big deal to us. Unfortunately, despite our best attempts, tickets often get into the hands of scalpers or secondary ticketing systems and are then sold for ridiculous prices.

We are now taking steps to try and get tickets out of the hands of third party ticket resellers and into the hands of the people who are meant to have them. That’s you!

Beginning with our US and Canadian fall tour, we’re going to be offering a variety of options for our fans:

– Paperless ticketing for the best seats in the venue, closest to the stage. (These tickets will need to be picked up at Will Call by showing a photo ID).

– A limited amount of tickets sold will include a chance to win a Meet and Greet with us before the show.

– We will also offer a limited amount of excellent tickets at the same time as the General Public On-Sale through Ticketmaster’s Platinum Ticketing Program. This will give more fans direct access to some of the best seats in the house for a slightly higher cost. Again, these tickets will utilize Ticketmaster’s paperless ticketing system, and more importantly, will keep premium seats away from scalpers. The best part is, as part of a Platinum Ticket purchase, Paramore is standing up for music education in schools through the GRAMMY® Foundation’s Signature Schools Community Award. The initiative provides cash grants to public high school music programs across the U.S. A portion of the proceeds from every Platinum Ticket purchase will be allocated to this great cause!

– Tickets for our tour will be limited to a purchase of six at a time. This will enable the tickets to get into your hands, and off secondary websites that charge extravagant prices.

We really hope that all of this is going to ensure our fans have the first shot at the best seats in all the venues, and for prices that we feel more comfortable with.

Lastly, we’re going to do our best to implement this policy at each and every show moving forward, but please be aware that every venue is different around the world. There may be times where we can’t do any or all of this, but we’ll do our best to let you know.

See you at the show! – Jeremy, Taylor, and Hayley

So I still get a hard ticket (cause I love keeping those) and get it at face value? YES! #musicrules.

Do you think this system is a good start to protecting fans?

I would really love to hear what you all think.

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P.S. Thank you Paramore <3