One Direction Grace GQ Cover – Directioners Take To Twitter To Be Angry

Today in things I don’t understand, fans of my bbys, aka One Direction, took to Twitter to vent their angries about true lies that graced the covers of the British version of GQ. I was perusing the #mybbys tag on Tumblr and sending the Zayn cover to everyone I know when I happened upon this here story via The Independent – GQ Receives Threatening Tweets From One Direction Fans Over 1D Covers.

Do it for Mexico? Read more about this debacle at the link above.

Anyway, I already don’t care about whatever is happening because we have more important things to look at (because when 1D is on the cover of something, let’s face it – we aren’t there for the articles):

Brit Brit knows what’s up

So here are the boys on the British GQ

First, can we talk about how PERF my bbys are?

Did I just creep you out because I am probably like, double the age of these guys and a dude?

Anyway, that’s all I got for you today.

Which cover of GQ is your favorite?