New Music Obsession: Skylar Grey

Hey Music Lovers!

Last night at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angles I had the pleasure of seeing the very talented lady who goes by the name of Skylar Grey!

I had heard her name around the office and of course recognized some of her songs from the radio, most recently due to her working with Eminem. However, I had NO IDEA just how mullti talented and incredible she was…until last night!

Here show was packed, fans gave her a standing ovation when she got on stage!

I also saw that Travis Barker of Blink 182 attended!

She played lots of new songs which I had learned this week from listening to her on Spotify, they are all so good!

One of my personal faves is this song which features one of my loves; Eminem!

Then she let us hear some songs that she said “You know these songs but I am not sure you knew I was the one who sang them.”

Here are some of the amazing songs YOU probably know that she has done in the past!

‘Love The Way You Lie’ SO GOOD RIGHT?

I bet you recognize this version…

So with all that being said and heard, do you love Skylar Grey too?!

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