My Summer Journey

I thought a lot during last days or weeks. I tried to wear “hidden” hope in my heart but right now I believe in myself. My thoughts go to a few my art, my life and everything what’s around me. Maybe it’s like a stay alive on Neverland but everything is ok. It makes me better. And I feel safe…

You know that sometimes I’m like this girl from photo, but I want to be over it. I don’t want to give up. I’ll fight because I’m like a warrior and my soul needs freedom.

Tomorrow I’ll open new doors in my life. I’ll talk with doctor, yeah a little girl is back!!!! New part this journey makes me scared but I’ll brave. Nothing can change this motivation!!! Just 11 hours to appointment and I can’t sleep. But I promise you that I’ll fight!!!!!!

I think that I don’t breath air just art. Everything inspires me and even weird moments during day will not forgot. I need to put more light to my things but darkness hypnotizes me, maybe it’s love?

And where is Forbidden??? If you miss to my crazy babies, I don’t know why I love call in this way my things but ok… I have interview list!!!! I wrote to a few wonderful persons and I asked about interview!! And coming soon I’ll share with you new interview with brave boy about bullying!!! Can’t wait to show you!!!I take part in a few stories/poems contests!!! And.. I write my book!!!!!