The Maine’s John O’Callaghan Expands On ‘Forever Halloween’ Experience

Recently I sat down with The Maine to discuss their new album Forever Halloween, and how cohesively they have grown and evolved. They all spoke beautifully about the process, but at the end of it all they agreed it was just a matter of following who they are. The Maine has been on of the most impressive bands to watch over the last few years and Forever Halloween is a product of that development.

Today, John posted this message to fans again expanding on his personal thoughts on the past year and how it has been a positive experience for the band and for him personally. I love seeing people in music who care this much about their art and allow it to become part of their lives. You can hear it in the album for sure. #musicrules.

Here is what he said today:

A message from John.

If I have learned anything at all from our most recent jaunt to the studio it is this…

Creativity deserves a healthy, non-constricted habitat in which true emotion can bloom and thrive freely. I know as a band we’ve talked quite a bit about the analog recording process we went through and the work involved, so I will spare you the methodology of it all. That being said, the satisfaction we experienced stumbling upon a new way of creating music was indescribable. This accidental newfound confidence brought about a sudden revitalization to our spirits and our entire being and without your support we would have never been allowed to realize these feelings. There is certainly no one way to go about paving your road, but by making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to new experiences you can truly fall into an environment that promotes the healthiest vibes.

The past six years and ten months has taught me to trust in my instincts. Dictating decisions alone may seem like an arduous task but knowing that whatever the outcome, favorable or non, was caused by you alone will allow you to stand with confidence.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to grow.

It’s been our pleasure.

Forever Halloween is yours.


If you missed my interivews with the band you can watch them below.

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What do you think of The Maine’s growth?

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