Lunar Day!

The Moon has been a source of inspiration and magic to people since the beginning of our times. It is often considered to rule the senses and emotions and has profound effects on the human psyche, representing the unconscious side, our deepest needs and our basic functions. The Moon is feminine, mysterious, magical and Fucking Epic:)

Today is a special day for all the Moon Children and other Moon worshippers – It’s been 43 years since Apollo11 made the first moon landing on July 20, 1969. Celebrate by wearing something silver and take a walk on a moonlit road once the night falls.

I have made a little gallery of all the coolest Moon inspired things I found on the inter webs:) Check it out below.

Also, it has been forever and we weren’t feeling this picture so we haven’t posted it but remember the contest a while back where you guys drew a picture and we promised to bring it to life by doing a photoshoot? Well, since there is no better day than today to post it, me and Vespertine say “fuck it”…so here it is:

The original drawing was made by MoonChild Niero I believe:) Correct me if I’m wrong. He had titled it “MoonChild Landing on the Moon”

Sending lots of inspiration and magic


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