Learn To String A Guitar From A Pro And More: Video Vault

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you missed one of our fashion, music or pop culture exclusives, now’s your chance to catch up! Take a look at everything we pulled from this week’s video vault and feel free to share it with your friends! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Do you watch Game of Thrones? William Beckett is a huge fan and tells us all about why in his first video version of William Beckett Goes Fanboy.

Another Buzzmaker, Danny Kurily gives an amazingly helpful tutorial on how to string and tune a guitar. There’s nobody better to learn from!

And we’ve still got lots from Warped Tour! For The Foxes and Tonight Alive gave us some hilarious interviews backstage on the tour.

So sit back relax and enjoy all of the original vidoes from this week’s Buzznet Video Vault!

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