Keltie Colleen’s Closet Makeover!

Hi guys! I’m so excited to start showing you guys my new house! It’s not ready for a big reveal yet, but I did finish one very important project. MY CLOSET! There is a bizarre cut out short room off my walk-in closet, and I was really unsure what to do with it. I was hoping it could be used as a shoe closet.

I inlisted my darling friend Emily Loftiss from to come over and help. She was amazing, and helped me not only organize everything, but she also made me throw out all my plastic jewerly. (wah. wah) but a few things that she did do that have made me so happy, were:

1-lay a tray of all my sparkly jewelry right when I walk in. It’s all pieces I rarely wear, but she was so right, it has made me INSANELY happy to see these pieces each day!

2-Having everything out, where I can see it. While we were laying pieces in the trays, I discovered so many pieces that I forgot I had. it was like I had been given a new closet!

3-spending the money to get nice shelves. I started with $20 cheapies from container store, and finally, went to ikea to get the real deal shelves. It makes it so nice and everything is really stable.

4-a bowl of rings! you know when you go into urban outfitters and you see all the rings in the bowl and you want them all? Loftiss made me put my rings in a bowl and it makes me soooo happy!

Okay, check out the photos of my before and after closet! xx