Keltie Colleen in DANCETRACK Magazine!

I was so excited when Sandra Colton, asked me to do an interview about my after dance life for her epic mag, DANCETRACK. I’ve laid it all out here so you guys can read it! I hope you like it!

You can check out the full magazine with lots of fun dance and fashion stuff here

DT: What have you been up to since we last featured your book?

Keltie: I love Dance Track, one of my earliest supporters. So, thank you. Since the release of Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom- I ended up making the transition from full time dancer to full-time TV host. As every dancer knows, a dance career is a short one, so I’m happy to be transitioning, and loving dance from afar. Now, I am interviewing artists like P!nk, Xtina and Fergie about their perfor- mances on award show red carpets, instead of dancing behind them!

DT: What 5 things are on your Summer to-do list?

Keltie: Take as many “hottie heels” classes from Jersey as possible, reach 10 million read- ers on my blog, become real life friends with Chrissy Teigen (I love her twitter feed), design my next collection with Dance retailer Sugar And Bruno and relax (a little!)

DT: You are crazy busy, are you still dancing or have time to take class?

Keltie: I will always be a dancer in my soul. With my TV show, Omg!Insider I head out to door to work at 3:30 am, so often by the time we stop shooting in the afternoon, I have a very hard time making myself go to class. But, it feeds by soul, so I force myself too. ballet or jazz, just being in the studio is so grounding.

DT: Share your fashion philosophy with our readers.

Keltie: I am a big believer in taking risks and making my own trends, often the day after I wear something I already hate it, but to me, fashion is the ultimate costume, and you know how much us dancer-types love a costume.

DT: If you could walk the red carpet for any two designers, who would they be? And in what season & show.

Keltie: Ellie Saab Spring 2012 was the great- est gown moment ever. I wanted to wear every single one. I’d also rock Chanel Fall 2013 because it had such an amazing rock ‘n roll edge to it.

DT: Share some fun off-camera moments with people you’ve interviewed. Anyone you would like to interview?

Keltie: Every time I interview someone I try to create a moment with them that no other reporter can get. I’m sort of a fearless type, so I’m not intimidated by the “celebrity” of it all. One time, I gushed to P!nk that I had a massive crush on her husband (Carey Hart) off camera, and we ended up standing there for 5 minutes and I was listing all the reason he was sexy, and she was agreeing, she’s the coolest. Of course, I want to interview Oprah.

DT: What is next for you? You’re already a dancer, author, host, actor, what would you like to tackle that you haven’t done yet?

Keltie: I’ve accomplished so much, I suppose, but I am never satisfied. I have dreams of a screen-play, a documentary, world travel, my own talk-show and of course, a nap!

DT: Fill in the blanks below:

You will never catch me… yelling.

•I’m a pretty OBSESSIVE chic when it comes to MUSIC.

•My signature move would definitely be… the ‘tittie-pop” that I created with my pal Christina Perri.

•If I had to choose between a bike & a skate- board, I’m more of a BIKE kind of girl.

•If asked to do Circus of the Stars, I’d most likely do the ELEPHANT RIDING apparatus.

•I hope one day to…inspire the entire world to work hard and follow their dreams.