Justin Bieber Is Officially Dead To Me After Peeing In Bucket

I write this post to you currently in a state of rage. Justin Bieber and his ragtag group of slackies must be stopped! This event went above and beyond his usual saggy pants, leopard print car business.

Biebs and his boyz ran amuck in a classy restaurant in NYC and proceeded to pee in the poor janitor’s mop bucket! In the words of Michelle Tanner, HOW RUDE! Then, he continued to insult one of our most beloved presidents by stealing the restaurant’s Windex and yelling “F*CK BILL CLINTON” while squirting the ex-prez’s framed photo! That’s deportation material if you ask me.

How this makes me feel:

AND YET Selena still stays with him?! I’m not saying I have many expectations towards S.Gomez but I wouuuuld expect her to surround herself with some classier pals.

^Photo from the 4th of July.

Does this little twerp peeve you like me?! What is wrong with him??