I’ll Not Die For Art

Where we are? What we do right now? Is someone cares about it? I don’t know but often in Internet we can be anonymously. Although for me it’s hard. I’m a blogger and by creating my art, share fabulous things made by incredible artists I sell my life, my free time. And I’m proud of it because I feel that it can help someone. You know that share love and light is precious for me and I don’t want to stop to do these things.

I’m reader too and I don’t understand half of writers. Why they criticizing so easy it how someone lives or what loves to do. Paparazzi kill true artists because the world is about gossip and stupid and dirty money. I really hate it.

I don’t know statistic about destroyed persons, families by media but can you imagine that you are innocent and some day by mistake journalist your life will be broke?

If you follow me, you know that I want to be an artist so much because this dream keep me here but reality kicks me. Although I had a chance, I don’t know if you remember but I had message from journalist one big TV from my country. It had be about eating disorders but I will not steal myself. I can write on my blog and share in my poems, lyrics what I feel but I don’t want to be the next girl who’s will used by mass media.

In today’s world the people are ready to do everything for life goals but I’ll not die like them. I hope that someday someone will accepted it and I’ll able to realize neoweltchmerz…