Heartblog: Why Do I Hate Myself So Much?

So, yesterday was wedding dress try on day. I think this is supposed to be a magical day, but it was hard for me. My dress needs some fitting work, and it’s a terrible feeling trying on “the dress” before it actually looks amazing. The worst part about it was, I was so mean to myself. I am so mean to myself. I read all the quotes and books and tweets about being kind to yourself and loving yourself and I do the exact opposite.

I talk so nasty to myself inside my head that I am surprised that I have not given up on myself already. I am so mean. So very, very mean. I’m mean to my hair, I’m mean to my body, I’m mean to my face. I’m mean to my feet, my nails, my eyebrows, my eyes, my butt, my thighs, my abs, my non-boobs. My list of things I hate about myself is far longer than any other list I have. Longer than the grocery list, longer than the to-do list, longer than any list of things I hate about anyone else.

So, why am I so mean to myself? I’m not a bad person. I know I do not look like a disney’s pixar monster (although I often feel like one) and yet, all I do is talk shit to myself about myself. What is even worse is that, it was my goal for 2013 to stop talking crap about myself to myself, and it’s only gotten worse.

Well, this is not an inspiring heartblog, this is just a question to you. How do you stop being mean to yourself? I seriously need to know.

Hit me up on twitter or in the comments below. Seriously. Help.