Hear Me Out With Dani Vitale

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Ever say to yourself “This is the worst day ever”, “My life sucks”, “Things are never going to get better”, “I hate everyone and everything” ?

Yea I do too, all the time, so we can now say we are best friends. But, I have learned over the years different ways to cope with these awful sayings we say to ourselves. Things get better. The moment that you are in is going to pass, and it is up to you to overcome it! Don’t ever give up or doubt yourself. Once I found that inside of me, that inner power of belief and persistence my life changed dramatically. Be the one people look up to, set a good example to people around you and for yourself! You will love yourself for it! (trust me).

So here is me telling you MY story of how I overcame difficulties growing up and how it got better :)It’s up to YOU. 🙂

Stand #together against bullying. More info at officedepot.com/together