Happy America Day!!! I’m so happy that I can celebrate with you this wonderful day. I’m from Poland but my heart is American. I don’t joke. I love your country, the people and culture. America brought to us a lot fantastic things and I believe that this place is miracle.

When I think about USA I see freedom, peace, dreams and heaven. I know that for someone it will weird that I said “heaven” but we forget how looks life in the part of this world. We are so lucky that around us the war is off and we have something to eat. In Africa or Asia situation is dangerous.

America is my dreamed place. In my place I feel like in cage. I can’t be myself. I can’t do what I love. I can’t be happy. I hope that someday I’ll have pink hair and create my art in USA. I want to be American and hug your wonderful flag. I always dream about touch American flag. For me is symbol of hope.