Gabbie Brown’s First Week On Warped Tour

Hey Buzznet fambam,

I just finished my first week of Warped Tour and I’am currently sitting in my bus getting ready for todays show! Hello, Scranton PA! We had an off day yesterday (YES) and I’ve been trying to edit some videos I shot for Kia! Off days are always exciting because you get to sleep in, do laundry and feel like you’re back in the real world.

I usually wake up around 7:15 every day in order to make it to 8am load in. From there, my team all work together to get the Soul Lounge set up. It usually takes a couple hours because we have A LOT to set up! Around 10:30 I head back to the bus to upload photos, check the social media sites and get prepared for the day.

We have signings with Sleeping with Sirens and We Came As Romans almost everyday unless we have an acoustic performance with them. Sometimes other people stop by, Go Radio, Echosmith, FTSK, MC Lars also did some acoustic performances with us. My first couple of days, I was treated with hearing Sleeping With Sirens acoustic performance. I love hearing it. WCAR is also fun when it comes to their signings. Andy makes my job, as the backstage reporter very easy (look at him posing).

Sunday, we had SWS signing in the lounge and it was one of those days where they think it’s funny to soak you with water guns. I was completely soaked but I looked at it as an early shower.

I got to catch a couple bands play Allstar, Action Item, For The Foxes and The Summer Set. But one of my favorites is Five Knivjes and WallPaper. I adore their set everyday. In about 2-3 years they will no doubt be playing the main stage.

I hope I can catch more sets as the summer goes on. Some of the bands I want to see usually play while we have signings or acoustics happening and I need to film that for the blog.

I’m in my home state this week! I can’t wait to see family and friends.

Well I’m off to film some of Wallpapers set!

Happy Tuesday