Frank + Derol Is This Month’s Ultimate Music Crush!

Hey guys! I asked you – who’s your Ultimate Music Crush?

Well, you voted and we listened! I’m thrilled to reveal that Frank+Derol are this month’s Ultimate Crush! It was so awesome sitting down with this cute duo to ask all the questions that YOU tweeted to me! Want to find out where the name Frank+Derol came from? How about their favorite songs to sing in concert? Just watch the video below to get all the answers to the questions YOU asked!

And don’t forget that now, it’s Keltie Colleen‘s month, and you can vote for your favorite artist to be interviewed by the trendsetter.

All you have to do is head over to The Ultimate Crush, where you can vote for your favorite artist and tweet your questions to Keltie with the hashtag #TheUltimateCrush! Then, after you’ve all voted and tweeted, she will interview the artist(s) you selected and ask your questions!

And if YOUR question truly crushes it, you’ll get a special shout-out from the artists themselves!

Check out the video, start voting, and tweeting and get to it!