How I Feel About Fandoms Using Only GIFS

When I find a fandom that likes the same band as me

When I listen to the music and it makes me happy

When someone says something bad about my band:

When someone says my band sucks:

When someone in the band replies to only me on Twitter:

When a band member replies to everyone BUT me on Twitter:

When I knew about the band before the “rest” of the world discovered it:

When I share info I know about the band and people call me liar:

When fandoms yell at me and say I am not a “real” fan:

When my band takes “Hitatus” :

When my band comes OFF hitatus:


When a band memebr DM’s me secret versions of unreleased songs:

When someone on the street is listening to my band:

I love fandoms, and I love you. xx ps. make sure to share this post with your friends in your fandom!