What’s In That?: Dr. Pepper’s TEN Soda

This is the first of many posts I have planned for you all in my blog series I’ve decided to call “What’s in that?” I am out to reveal what’s really lurking in your seemingly “healthy” snacks, food-like products and drinks.

The first one I decided to break down for you is Dr Pepper‘s new line of TEN sodas. We received a whole bunch of these today in our tent on warped tour and they are so appalling I had to write about them immediately! They may only have 10 calories but the load of other junk they contain are what is concerning and will lead to more weight gain simply because of how your body processes these ingredients.

•High fructose corn syrup- a highly processed sweetener made from GMO corn that is directly linked to obesity and cardiovascular disease. Your body actually processes fructose differently than other sugars by completely skipping 2 steps in the cycle it goes through while breaking down sugars. By skipping these steps it actually directs your body to store it for later energy use, aka fat. Not to mention, GMOs are linked to tumor growth and a whole list of other health issues like infertility! HFCS should be avoided at all costs.

•Citric Acid- derived from corn which is most likely GMO

•Sodium Benzoate- A preservative that when gets combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can form a carcinogen and kill DNA cells, accelerating aging.

•Aspartame- a fake sweetener that converts into formaldehyde once in the body and is linked to cancer. More specifically is directly linked to leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

•Acesulfame Potassium- another fake sweetener with links to cancer.

•Caramel Color- this ingredient is so highly linked to cancer that soda companies were forced to re-formulate the amount they use in their products to avoid getting a “known to cause cancer” label put on their sodas!

That soda may only be 10 calories, but calories are not what you should be concerned about. It’s the ingredients and how your body breaks down and processes these ingredients that truly matters. Always read labels and if you don’t know what something is, chances are you shouldn’t be putting it in your body!

What is your favorite anti-soda drink?

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